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Welcome to the Internet Insights website!
It is my desire to provide you with useful information, free software and other interesting ideas to help make your internet experience more enjoyable, more enlightening, and more profitable!
Here you will find helpful insights and tools for turning your web experience into whatever it is that YOU, learning, adventure, profit, or perhaps all of the above! You will also find some completely useless things that are just plain FUN (and FUNNY)!

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I will soon be releasing a newsletter filled with numerous helpful tips, updated weekly, for your enjoyment. Let me know if you are interested and what YOU would like to see!

Something else you want to look for or research? Look just below us here and you'll see the GOOGLE BOX! GOOGLE is the best search engine on the net! Try it!

More insights...and MY WEBRINGS! More for you on my second page! Including ideas from the readers here.
LIFE SIMULATOR For others like me, who need a dose of reality, but can't get offline long enough to GET it!
Cracker Head Mood Chooser Your mood on a "Ritz"!
The Boy With Immovable Hair Dedicated to Trent Brusseau!
ADVERTISING GRAVEYARD This is truly unbelievable...oh what we've been missing!
Feed the Supermodel Don't you HATE twiggy little models? Here's your revenge!
HOW TO DRIVE LIKE MY ROOMATE! Moronic? You be the judge!
Bunny Survival Tests I could cry....but why?!

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