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There is such a wonderful world out here in cyberspace! I think that far too often, people focus on the negative potentials of the internet. I have discovered so many, many wonderful, entertaining, educational, creative, and prosperous things out here....I cannot possibly fit them all on just ONE website! But try, I must!

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For the artist and creator in ALL of us...

The beautiful graphic to your right was created by Kitty Mead. If you want to see some truly unique and soulful work, visit her website. Most of her graphics are free to use. If you want some unique graphics on your site...she has them! You will find a direct link below at the beginning of my links list.

Below I have also listed other links that I have found to be useful, inspiring, humorous, or beneficial in SOME way to the human soul! Enjoy the adventure! adventures keep the mind and heart ALIVE! A day without love, learning and laughter just isn't much of a day!

FullMoonGraphics, Kitty Mead

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