Yes, I need therapy.
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If this page looks strange to should.
This is the end result of spending weeks and weeks building a website. I have now become blind, dizzy, confused (although most of my friends say that that has nothing to do with building webpages), and I am just completely beside myself.

I DREAM in hexadecimal equivalents, rather than ordinary color now, and the other day I caught myself doodling (while on the phone) in HTML. I have become very hermit-like and am convinced that therapy may be the only cure. The only problem with THAT, is that I lost my job due to lack of sleep (and therefore OVERsleeping), so I can no longer AFFORD the therapy that I so desperately NEED!

I have searched the web for support groups, further carrying me into cyber-addiction...I just refuse to use a phonebook any longer. My rabbit (genuine "soft" ware) went for 2 days without water, my mouse (actual hardware) died, and my 10 year old son (you said he was WHERE?!) asked me the other day if my bottom was stuck in my office chair! (I suppose he must have thought that, since I didn't sleep for 30 hours straight the other day, and he noticed me wearing the same clothes as the day before...definetely not sharewear.)

Oh, yes...and my roommate told me yesterday that I had mail. I walked directly to the computer and sat down to retrieve it. She looked at me like I was completely insane, and said, "No.....I mean REAL mail, it's on the dining room table."

I am just trying to find myself....WAIT....I could use a search engine!

The Horrible Woes Of Addiction
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